Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oh man, I love the cake.

A black coffee and a square from the cake I baked.
It was a coffee & vanilla sponge cake.
I didnt use a recipe, went with my own instincts. Wanted to be daring!

Equal quants of sugar, butter, plain flour.
2 eggs
tsp vanilla extract
tsp french vanilla flavour coffee
tsp salt
tsp baking powder

mixed them all in together the typical cakey way, put in the oven and baked until my eye judged it to be complete! It got a bit burnt on the top, so I cut the top off :( And then made a coffee buttercream to cover it, and then I saw some butterbiscuits, so I smashed them up in a food bag and crumbled on the top. Making a heart template out of chocolate ones for a bit of prettiness.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bonjour 2011

This coffee is sooo good for instant.

Anyone got any butter spare?

Pick and mix? Why pick? Have them all.

Ginjaaa Biks.