Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A couple of my bakes

wasn't my own..but wanted something pretty on the blog to start.

Hello, Ciao, Bonjour, G'Day, Guten Tag, Salvete.

I thought I'd start a blog. Not because I feel I have anything worth saying or of any particular interest to you, I just seem to get a build up of thoughts & random inspiration to capture moments and collate them somewhere. For my own benefit really. Anyhow, blogging was in the 'in-thing' in 2010 so I'll have to hope it doesn't become drastically uncool in 2011 or there's my street cred gone.
My name is Melissa, I'm almost 18, I'm studying A-Levels and I'm a goal-driven person. I'm complexly simple. I love penguins..in a totally sane sense, of course.
I'll probably mostly talk about scents, food, music, films, shopping and history. With a little teenage angst thrown in for good measure.
Enjoy, if anybody is out there.